Tricia Johansson

Tricia Joy / Joyzes

graphic illustrator, visual artist, musician & writer

Welcome to my portfolio and landing page. Here you'll find links to all my projects and sites, and also some information about me. Click the buttons below to read more.

My Projects

Joyz World by Joyzes Design

Joyz World is an illustrated brand with cartoon and comics, designed art products and stationery. I'm the creator of the brand and I design all my comics and products myself. I call myself Joyzes Design, but my previous name was Treece Design, so you might see that name too.

Joyz World has many characters, both humans and non-human characters. They are featured in both illustrated comics and on different products.

The brand was started in 2021, but the idea has been around since 2012, with the very first "Trixie & Truls" comics, and then they were only in Swedish (now they are mostly in English).

I'm still working on this brand and the website is not up yet, nor the products are fully developed either. I'm working on several notebooks and journals and also calendars and self-care planners (undated), on different other stationery products such as stickers and post cards, and also art products such as mugs, clothing and more.

For now, you can check out my different shops where I sell the products, a few are up but a lot are to come! Joyz World is available on the following print-on-demand services (and soon on it's own website too):

Book Projects & Ongoing Stories

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Music & Music Production

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Spiritual Services

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About me

My name is Tricia and I'm a 29 years old graphic illustrator, visual artist, content creator and musician. I also do write a lot. On this page - - you're able to find all my links and projects as a start page for all my stuff online.

My Story

Trigger Warning: This story contains my experiences with sexual abuse and assault, mistreatment and violence, hospitalization, suicidal ideations and similar topics. Do not read if such topics are triggering for you!

I was born in a small town close to Gothenburg in Sweden. When I started school they saw emmidiately that I was different, the other children I mean, and as an adult I got diagnosed with Autism. I also have the diagnose DID - Dissociative Identity Disorder due to trauma.

So I was bullied in school in both physical and psychological ways, and sometimes also sexual ways. Just because I was a little bit different than them. I coped by drawing and writing stories. I started to develop my own drawing style quite early on in my life. I also did start to play musical instruments at a young age, but didn't really take it seriously until my teenage years. In my teenagers I also started to write poetry and short stories.

When I was a young adult/older teenagers I got sent to a rehabilitation center because of self-harming behavior, which I developed in my early teenagers/pre-teen years. When I moved to my own apartment when I was 19 years old, I met my first boyfriend but we only remained a couple for like a year.

After a few years I met another guy who I fell in love with and there was where my nightmare begun. He abused me in all possible ways, but I still loved him endlessly. He was beating me up regularly, raped me while I was tied up so I couldn't run away (I cried like a little child and it was against my will and every time I told him to stop) and he used gaslighting to control me. My psychologist after that trauma told me it was pure gaslighting behavior he had since he got me to question my own sanity.

A few years later I met a girl who did drugs. I realized early that I liked both girls and guys and this was one of my first girlfriends. I was lucky tho, since I got away from her before I got involved in her criminal behavior.

After that I dated another guy and at our date he raped me so badly that I got injured. I went to the police to report him the next few days and it was a nightmare. I got PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) after all of this too.

In between all of this I tried to commit suicide and I lost many of my friends. I got depressed and one day I got severely ill. I had pain in my joints and I couldn't walk properly or move my body entirely. A few months later I got diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is an autoimmune illness which affects the joints. So now I have a treatment for that. My doctor thinks it both due to genetic factors and due to psychological stress due to all of my trauma I went trough. Psychological stress over a long period of time can in some cases cause physical illness, like this one for example. Unfortunately it's a chronic illness.

Today I live with my wonderful boyfriend and his son from a previous relationship and I'm much happier than before. I have become a Life Coach, a Spiritual Philosopher (since I got spiritually awakened in 2020) and now I'm studying the Behavioral Sciences to become a Therapist. I will focus on trauma recovery when I'm a certified therapist, to help other people in similar situations which I've gone through.

I also use my illustration and art as a form of therapy and I want to work as a freelance illustrator and visual artist to embrace my artistic side too. A dream of mine is to combine psychology and visual art/graphic illustration.

In 2021 I created my illustrated brand "Joyz Word", a brand of illustrated art products as well as comics and cartoons with different characters.


Coming soon.


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