Tricia Johansson

Hello and welcome to my website!

This is me:
I'm a:
Musician, Composer & Recording Artist
Cartoonist, Illustrator & Designer
Author & Poet

Down below you'll find my different pages with music, art and writings. More about me can be found on each website below.


Swedish on-going story "Mina sinnen ljuger inte" ebook blog:

Swedish writing blog with my on-going stories:


September 19, 2020 I will post my comics on Global Comix from September 25! I'm now also on SubscribeStar and you can access behind the scenes and early access to many of my works by subscribing:

August 4, 2020 I have a new general website. And I have deleted old websites that are no longer active.

July 28, 2020 I have now a Swedish poetry account on Instagram!

July 26, 2020 I have no longer any English blog and I have deleted several of my inactive pages. My newsletter is no longer available either. It might be again in the future. However my music- and art websites are still active and in English.

(C) Tricia Johansson.